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Hostage Situation - April 4, 2021

You’ve got a hostage situation on your hands and you don’t know who to turn to. You’ve run out of options because you’re being held for ransom by your own past hurts and present circumstances and other peoples opinions and fears, and the lies of the enemy and your own bitterness and unbelief. One things for sure You can’t pay the ransom, if you could have done it you would have. The truth is you wouldn’t even know where to begin. Your spouse can’t pay it, your family can’t pay it, your friends can’t pay it, the government doesn’t have enough gold in Fort Knox to cover it, even your own blood can’t cover it. But you’ve been waiting, longing, and hoping that somehow, someway someone would be willing and able to pay the ransom on your behalf, to buy your freedom. If this is you then I have really good news for you today. I didn’t just pay your ransom, I became it, because I’m not interested in just seeing you free, I’ve got more than that on my mind. I’ve set my sights on transformation and restoration, and reconciliation, and healing and wholeness, and abundant life, and peace, and hope. I didn’t just pay the ransom for your past and present circumstances I’ve totally purchased the future on your behalf. If you want to know what that looks like just take a look at me, in a word glorious. But it didn’t come cheap , you may think it’s cost you a lot and I know it has but I want you to know today that it cost me everything, every tear, every drop of my own blood. So maybe it’s time for you to finally get what I’ve got, and really receive what I bought.

(origin 2020)

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