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What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping, is an effective way of processing and releasing negative emotions, physical pains, and other life challenges, using a process that involves tapping on the endpoints of the body's meridian pathways. Meridian pathways are like a fiberoptic network that run through the major organs of the body, carrying electrical information at high speeds.

EFT is a remarkable method that brings renewed clarity, insights, understandings, and beliefs.

How does tapping align with the Christian faith?

You've heard the expression, "tap into it." It means to establish a connection with something or to access a resource.  Tree farmers tap into maple trees to access syrup and let if flow.  When we tap on our bodies while seeking healing for a life challenge, we are doing the same thing.  We are tapping into the wealth of physical and spiritual resources that God deposited in us. The fullness of God lives inside us and we have access to every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.

The problem is not the lack of resources with us, but our inability to access them at times. Tapping does a remarkable job of enabling our bodies to relax and receive.  It sends a calming message to the brain, lowers cortisol levels, releases stress, triggers a release of alpha brain waves, and allows us to hear the still small voice of God. 

Tapping is not the only way to access the resources inside us, but it is a perfect tool to use alongside inner healing work because it puts our physical bodies in a place of stillness where we can see, hear, and know who God is for us and what he has provided for us.

Scripture References:

It was you who created my inward parts; You knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise You because I am wonderfully and fearfully made. (Psalm 139:13-14)

For in Him the entire fullness of God's nature dwells bodily and you have been filled by Him. (Col. 2:9)

All praise to God ... who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms ... (Ephesians 1:3)

I am in them and you are in me. (John 17:23)

Be still and know that I am God (Psalms 46:10)


What things do I need to do in a Be Healed session?

Initially, it is important that you share your area of challenge, focusing on the emotions you experience as well as noticing the places you feel them in your body.  (For example, I have a panicky feeling in my chest,” or “I have a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat.)

Then, as you tap the points and repeat different phrases, it is important to notice and report the things that come to your mind - the thoughts, words, memories, sensations, feelings, people, phrases, etc. Throughout the entire session, it is important to notice and report what you experience. It is in following what arises for you, that you are able to pinpoint places that need healing, release negative emotions and beliefs, and receive healing and truth.

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