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Be Guided

 Be Guided is an expressive, directional form that brings, comfort, clarity and affirmation to many different areas of life and relationships. We have two options available.

Be Guided Prophetic Encounter

In this 25 minute appointment you have the option of describing one area of life that you'd like to focus on, but you're also welcome to come with an open heart to receive whatever comes up. In a Be Guided session, you will receive prophetic input from God specifically for your life.  

(Please email to request an Appointment)

Be Guided Prophetic Mentorship

The Prophetic Mentorship includes six 1 hour appointments where we will focus on identifying how God speaks to you, what He is saying and identifying the ways that you can cooperate and respond

(Please email to request an Appointment)

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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