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EFT Picture Tapping for Children
Online or in person

Picture Tapping for Children is a technique that helps children let go of negative feelings by combining the benefits of art therapy with EFT tapping.  Children draw pictures and then tap on different spots of a Tappy Bear or on different parts of their own hands and faces as they describe what they drew.  The simple act of drawing starts the process of release and accesses the subconscious mind.  The child is able to clear what they don't even know how to verbally express.  Tapping on the drawing description helps the brain and physical body release negative feelings and bring the body to a place of calm.  PTT releases bad feelings in a fun, simple, and painless way.  All this just by drawing pictures and tapping.

Scheduling a picture tapping appointment begins with a short 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your child's needs. Click the "Contact Us" button below to request a phone call.

All sessions are scheduled via the online conferencing website Zoom. You can choose to have your session online through zoom or in person if you are local to Harrisonburg, VA by clicking on the "Contact us" button and requesting to meet in person. A zoom ID and password will be emailed to you when you book your appointment. Click the Download forms button below to download and copy the Tappy Bear worksheet for your child.

FREE 20 Minute Phone Consultation -

Please fill out the contact form to request a time

I have been meeting with Sandy regularly for about two years.  This has been an absolute gift to me. 

Here is just a small taste of what God has done in my life:

-An accelerated healing process with marked life-change.  I can easily apply and sustain the new growth I experience. 

For example: freedom from nightmares, improved sleep, more peace, ability to form healthier relationships, and

greater clarity about my true identity.

-Grieving traumatic memories and receiving comfort, healing and truth in place of being stuck.

-A safe place to feel and express all of my thoughts and emotions

-Feeling deeply understood, accepted and encouraged, every time!

-Jesus making himself known to me in ways that truly connect with who I am                         

                                                                                                                                                                     - EFT/Tapping Client

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