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Finding Keeping - February 7, 2024

It's time to start finding and keeping again because the days of losing and losing and losing and weeping have got to end. You may have given up keeping account of all you've lost and how many tears you've shed in the process with no hope or relief in sight. But I  want to tell you today that you may have lost track but I've been keeping full accounts of every last thing that's been lost or stolen, all your losses and all your tears are before me and I want to tell you today that enough is enough! So will you agree with me in this, that the days of losing and weeping would finally end and the days of finding and keeping would begin again?  But the only way this is going to happen is if you discharge your debts and allow me to change your heart and perspective in the process. I'm calling on you today to do for others what I've done for you. I'm challenging you to clear your accounts once and for all, and turn away from looking at what you've lost, and the things that have been lost or stolen from you, and forgive the people who've betrayed you and taken advantage of you because right now that's the thing that's keeping you from finding what I've put right in front of you, and right around you, all the resources you need. I'm talking about the real treasures of the kingdom, peace, joy, hope, clarity, courage and freedom. Priceless treasure that can't ever be taken away. Will you make an exchange with me today and trade the things you've lost for the things I have in hand and allow me to return tenfold what you could never reclaim on your own in a million years? The ashes and losses of the past for the hope and promises of the future.  Lets trade.


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