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Gift Exchange - December 1, 2020

I'd like to do a gift exchange with you today. If you'll give me what you've got that you can't seem to get rid of, I'll give you what I've got that you really can't do without. 

I just have two conditions. First you have to completely give up what you're exchanging, and second you have to keep whatever I give you in exchange forever and give it away at every opportunity.

So in exchange today I want  your fear, or your unbelief, or your lack, or your pride, or your poverty or lust or addiction, or broken ness, or bitterness or infirmity, or isolation, or emptiness, or  depression, or lost ness, or illness, or unforgiveness, or disillusionment, or hatred, or regret or judgements, or hypocrisy, or self righteousness or secret sin

And In return for you , 

I've got GRACE  that's completely sufficient for everything your facing in every circumstance and every situation , 

 I've got true HUMILITY the only thing that will open some doors in the kingdom, 

I’ve got WISDOM, the wisdom of the ages that transcends human understanding with solutions to problems no man can solve

I’ve got PEACE that will make you invisible to every enemy of your soul and invulnerable to every difficulty in this world.

 I've got HEALING, for your heart, and body, and mind and spirit.  

I've got COURAGE  the kind that turns the tide of battles and restores the direction of nations. 

I've got POWER to create, and restore and rebuild and even resurrect the very dead. 

I've got JOY that will overcome every obstacle and disarm every enemy.

 I've got the TRUTH to change minds and change hearts and change culture. 

I've got RESOURCES more than you could possibly imagine, practical,  relational. financial, store houses overflowing with everything you need.

I've got FREEDOM that doesn't just open prison doors it opens human hearts and it has wrecked the gates of hell.

I've got FAITH , the kind that makes mole hills out of mountains, 

 and I've got LOVE that cannot and has not and will not ever fail!

So will you exchange,  just give what you've got and take what you need. Grace, humility, wisdom,  peace, healing, courage, power, joy, truth, resources, freedom, faith, and love.....

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