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Get It? - June 1, 2023

The reason You’re not getting it is because  you keep looking for a way out of “IT” or a way around “IT” or a way under “IT” or a way through “IT” or a way over “IT”. Whatever the “IT” is you’ve got an escape strategy you’re working on to get away from what you’re dealing with.

The problem is you’re more focused on getting away from it than you are on “getting it”. Listen, I’m right here with you in the middle of everything and I’ve got something precious for you in this place if you’d just hang around long enough to find out what it is. I want to tell you today that there is a breakthrough in the the brokenness and there is a turn around in this precipitous down turn, and there is real life to be found in this death you’ve been walking through. There’s brand new illumination in this darkness you’re struggling with and there is real tangible peace waiting in this ridiculous chaos around you because I am here and all my goodness is with me

How about instead of just running away and looking for a way out you start looking for what I want to give you, and do in you and do for you and do through you in this place. Then when the dust finally settles on all of IT you’ll actually walk away with everything I intended for you to have.

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