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Look for the Cloud - May 1, 2024

You need to go back and take another look  at what I’m about to do because some of you have been so overwhelmed by the status quo of your situation and circumstances for so long that you aren’t able or willing to see what’s about to unfold right over you and before you. 

Today I’m telling you to go and have another look at that relationship, or circumstance or situation that has seemed unchangeable and impossible because I want to tell you today that there is a cloud. 

I know what this drought has looked like for you, and I am well acquainted with your suffering. But I want to tell you today there is a cloud forming right now because I am about to rain on all of it. 

I’m going to bring life where there has only been death and I’m going to bring provision where there has been nothing but lack and I’m going to pour out in outrageous fashion on the very thing that has seemed like it would never return or live again. 

But you’re going to have to look for it to find it and you’re going to have to believe it to see it. Will you agree with me in this? Don’t miss the very thing you’ve been longing for because you weren’t willing to go and look a second time to see it. I’m telling you there is a cloud. It may look like nothing, it may be as small as a man’s fist. But there is a cloud, there is a cloud. Look for the cloud!

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