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Proof you need - May 15, 2021

Whatever you're trying to prove today and wherever you're looking for proof I want to tell you that I've got the proof you've been desperately looking for in the very place where you think you have to prove something to yourself, or to other people, or even to me. I want to tell you today that you may think you've got something to prove but so do I. You've been trying to prove to yourself that the things that you're so afraid of, really can't be true. But I'm am bound and determined to prove to you that you can really face the truth, about yourself or circumstances or whatever it is without fear because I'm there holding your hand. You've been trying to prove to other people, that you're different, or smarter or better than you really are. But I've been trying to prove to you for sometime now that I made you a certain way and I absolutely love who you are, the way you are and where you are right now, and that's all that really matters. You've even been trying to prove to me that you're worthy and that you've got what it takes to do what I've called you to do, to really follow me. But I want to tell you today that I went to the cross trying to prove to you that nothing you've done or not done or could ever do will ever make you anything less than my child or more than my good friend. It'll really speed things up if you just get over yourself and just realize once and for all that I will never ever be able to get over you. Never. So whatever you're trying to prove today, to me or other people, or just your self. Look no further because I have and am all the proof you need.

(origin 2015)

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