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Life and Death - September 15, 2020

The situation you're facing today really is a matter of life and death. But are you willing to face the truth about which is which and what's what? Because some of you have confused the living with the dead and the dead with the living. There are some things that have been dormant in your life for so long they appear dead. So you're sending flowers, but I have resurrection on my mind. There are other things that really have died because their time has passed, but you've kept them on life support, and you go and visit them every day and refuse to let them go. Still other things that I've tried to birth in your life you've tried to kill at every opportunity because you haven't been willing or able or to make a place for it.  It's time for you  to fully recognize the things I'm giving life to, and the things that appear dead but need to rise, and the things that  were alive, but now must be allowed to die  because  the life you have depends on it. One thing's for certain, the only way to know the truth is to hear from me. If you do what you've always done, or what tradition dictates, or what others want, or what seems most popular, or most reasonable, or consistent with your past experience, you will bury the things I'm resurrecting , and kill the things I'm birthing and occupy yourself with things that died a long time ago. I'll never force you to make a place for things that you refuse to allow, but wouldn't you rather be a part of what I'm doing than pay the price for having your own way?  So this is the question. Are you willing to sacrifice your own plans and your own agenda and even your own understanding to pull the plug on some things whose time has passed, and allow me to raise some things to life that  have appeared dead, and help me birth some things that will bring the very life to you that you've been longing for? 

(origin 2015)

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