Got Testing? - November 1, 2021

I think it’s pretty clear there’s no shortage of testing around here because many of you are being tested in ways that you never could have imagined. Some of you are being tested in what you believe, not just about me but about yourself and those around you. For some of you, your faith and trust are being pushed to the very limit with fear and doubt and despair following you around, but I want to tell you today that the pressure you’ve been under may feel like it's taking a lot out of you but the truth is I'm using it to deposit some things into you in places that haven’t been accessible to me very often because you guard them too well. Some of you feel like you've been wrecked by the circumstances unfolding around you, but I’ve been renewing your heart with a love that is going to change the landscape of your life. Some of you feel like everything you thought you knew has been thrown into question, but I’ve been depositing a new measure of clarity and wisdom that is going to give you the fortitude in me that you so desperately need. For some of you, it feels like everything you’ve been holding on to has been ripped away, but I want to tell you today that I’ve been giving you new resources of strength and courage that will allow you to stand in any situation because you're holding on to me in a way you never have before. So you may feel like your losses have been huge and that may be true but I want to tell you today that you’ve been gaining more than you know in ways that you haven’t fully realized or recognized. When the dust finally settles from this storm you're actually going to find that you are more than than you were before and not less. You're going to see that you’re holding more, trusting more, loving more, believing more and that you really got way more than you bargained for.

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