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Your Path - March 1, 2023

“Your” path is the best path for you. Even though sometimes, even many times, you’ll share the path you’re on with others it is still singularly your path. Your path can go lots of different ways, over mountains of incredible success and through valleys of complete failure and discouragement. Even so, you can’t know the way based on your circumstances because you can be wildly successful and miss the path completely and you can be failing and suffering severely and be exactly on track. You cannot and must not try to find your way by looking at the paths that others are taking. Doing that is like trying to find your way by following another car that seems to be going in your direction. Who knows where they might be headed?! And you cannot and must not find your way by listening to other people's opinions of whether you’re on the right track. They may be right and they may be completely and utterly wrong. The only real way to find the way is to know “THE WAY”. Just look for the blaze; the peace in your heart, the deep desire you feel that you know is more than just you, the doors that can’t possibly open but do, and the impossible circumstances that become completely possible.

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