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What I'm Building - July 9, 2021

If you'd Ike to know what I'm building today, if you've been wondering. I want to tell you that I am building bridges, and I am building runways, and I'm building harbors. Because I want to tell you that the days for building walls to keep people in is over, and the days of building fortresses to keep people out are over. In fact, the days of building anything that doesn't provide a new way for the kingdom to expand and advance are finished. So it's time to stop using resources for the one thing that could clearly be used for the other. I want to tell you today that I'm building bridges to reach every person and place that hasn't been touched and, I am defeating every obstacle and adversary that is in my way by going over it and under it and around it. Make no mistake I will accomplish what I have set out to do because today I'm building harbors to make a landing place for ships that haven't even been built yet but that are coming in the spirit with fresh new resources that have been in extremely scarce supply in many places. I'm building run ways for things that have never had a place to land and have never been able to take off. Soon they're going to have all the room they need to get up to full speed and when they land in the places that they were made to go, it is going to change everything. So If you really want to build what I'm building today, then try building a bridge and just see if I don't start walking there, or try building a harbor and just start looking for the ships I'm going to start sending, or lay out a runway in your field and see if I don't land something there that will flat out astonish you. One things for certain, if you build it, I will come.


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