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Turning Tables - October 15, 2020

Maybe yesterday you thought everything was going great, and everything was under control. But today you're wondering who just completely turned the tables on you. I want to tell you today that it wasn't the enemy, and it wasn't another person; it wasn't your son or daughter, your mother or father, your boss or your spouse, and it wasn't the economy or the government or even your church. It was me.  I turned and am turning the tables on you.  Because I want to tell you today that what I want to give you is way more than you've been willing to receive, and what I've been wanting to do for you and in you is more than you've been willing to allow me to to do. Where I want to take you is further than you've been willing to go. But now I've turned the tables on you in a way that only I can do, so that you can finally see that I'm not going to allow you to settle for less than my kingdom, or less than my real grace or less than my goodness, or less than the real truth about who I really am to you and for you. I am so for you.  I refuse to leave you in the state of confusion in the land of fear in the territory of doubt. So I've turned your tables completely around, so that you'll really want what I'm longing to give you, and you'll really need me to do what only I can do for you, and you'll really be willing to go as far as I've been wanting to take you. You don't have to understand it or figure it out or pretend like it feels better than it really does. You don't even have to like it, but loving it is an option. I'm turning the tables on you, and you're going to see that its just what you've been waiting for and asking for all along.

(origin 2013)

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