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The Grace - February 1, 2023

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

If you've been looking for grace, and struggling to find it, then I want to tell you today that you've come to the right place, because I am and I have all the grace you so desperately need for your situation or your circumstances, or the trouble that's been following you around. Maybe you need the grace to hold on. Because the thing you've been contending for has been out of reach for so long, but now, it's finally on your doorstep. Don't give up. I've got the grace to help you hold your ground until my victory completely overtakes you.

Maybe you just need the grace to surrender, because the battle you've been fighting hasn't been with your enemy it's been with me and I want to tell you today that with me, losing is winning. I've got the grace for you today to lay down your pride and your plans and your agenda so that I can completely transform your situation.

Maybe you just need the grace to believe that I'm really true to my word and that I'll really do what I've said I'm going to do. I've got grace for you today to ignore what you see with your eyes and believe what you know in your heart.

For some of you today I'm offering you the grace you desperately need to do the unreasonable and impossible because you've been wrestling with it but I know you've heard me calling. I'm not asking you to walk on water, I'm just asking you to get out of the boat and let me take it from there.

Finally, there are some of you who feel like you've been hit by a truck emotionally or physically, or spiritually, I want to tell you that my grace is more than enough today for you to get back up, on your feet, stronger than before, because in case you've forgotten raising the dead is what I do best. So whatever grace you need today, to fight on or surrender, or believe, or follow or just get back up. I have it because I am it...

(origin 2015)

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1 Comment

Thank you, Jeff - Glad raising the dead is what He does best.

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