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The change we've both been longing for - August 16, 2020

I've got every resource you need to do what we both want done, if only you'll just stop disagreeing with me with every other word.  Because I want to tell you today that your words have become your own worst enemy. You've been creating the very obstacles you've been trying to defeat and get over and get around. I'm telling you today that if you'll stop using your mouth to curse the people and circumstances around you that are misbehaving or seem completely impossible, I'll start speaking through you to accomplish with my goodness what will never be done with your bad attitude. Then you'll start seeing some things change for good, and I mean really for good. But it's going to take more than just lip service to get the change you're longing for. You can't bow down to your own opinions, and the lies you've believed, and the fears you keep fellowship with, and expect to have the perspective that will allow you to speak life when all you see is death, to speak truth when all you hear are lies, and to love when hatred and judgement are having their way. So the question is, will you allow me to change your heart so that I can put your mouth to work for the sake of love to bear and believe and hope and endure and agree with me? Will you speak to the things that are not as though they were and give up responding to what looks true for the sake of what really is the truth? Because that's the change we've both been longing for.

(origin 2015)

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