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Stuck with Me.... - July 1, 2020

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

No matter what you've gotten stuck in, or stuck with or stuck to I want to tell you today that whatever it is you can be absolutely sure that I am sticking with you in the midst of it. You may feel like you've gotten stuck with someone else's problem, or bad decision, or terrible choice, but I'm telling you that I am in that place, in the thick of it with you,  turning things around and getting you free.

Maybe you feel like you're stuck in a set of circumstances with no way out and no way forward and no way back, but I want you to know today that I am right there with you going before you and making a way for you that you could never make for yourself.  Don't be afraid. You can trust me, because you're going to be flat out astonished at what I'm going to do. #hashtag, blown away.

Maybe you feel like you've gotten stuck to something that you cant get free of or get away from. There's one thing you better remember today,  that your pain, and your fear and your doubt in that place have met their match in ME because I AM, the  founder of freedom and the author of second chances. So no matter how stuck you are today or how immobilized you feel. I am sticking with you more than anything that's sticking to you and more than anything you've gotten stuck with. I won't let you fall, and I won't let you go, and I'll never leave you alone. So the really good news for you today is that it doesn't matter how or where you're stuck, because in the end the only thing that you're really going to be stuck with forever, is Me!

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