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Status Problem - December 15, 2020

You've got a status problem, because your status is always changing, but mine never does. You're always looking at the numbers,  on your balance sheet, in your check book,  you measure your height and weight and IQ with a number and call it good or bad. On your Facebook page, or Instagram or Twitter feed, how many thumbs, or likes, how many friends, or hearts or stars, or smiley faces. I want to tell you today that your status in me always remains the same because how I feel about you doesn't change based on your circumstances or performance or failure or other people's opinions. Because I love you I paid the ultimate price for you. I've got your number and I've always had it because that number is me and that number is one,  you are one with me and

I am THE one,

I am the real one , 

the glorious one, 

the faithful one, 

the holy one, 

the righteous one, 

the mighty one, 

the risen one, 

the living  one, 

the saving one, 

the perfect one

I am the loving one,  the caring one,  the sharing one,  the forgiving one,  the cleansing one,  the merciful one,  the gracious one,  the patient one,  the creative one,  the beautiful one, the courageous one,  And the victorious one, That's me and I am in you!

(origin 2017)

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3 comentarios

Your timing is perfect! I needed to hear this message, thank you so much!

Me gusta

Thank you, Jeff!

Me gusta

Wendy Lee Watros
Wendy Lee Watros
16 dic 2020

Thank you! Such a powerful reminder! 💥

Me gusta
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