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Show Up! - November 3, 2023

I think you’ve made your job more complicated than it really is.

It’s really pretty simple. Just show up. A lot of the time I’m really just calling you to show up. When you show up as you, I’ll show up as me. So why do you keep taking more responsibility for what I’ve called you to do than what I’ve actually assigned to you? The majority of the time all I’m really asking you to do is just show up. I’m not expecting you to show up with all the answers or show up with all the miracles. I’m really just asking you to show up as yourself in all your own frailty and brokenness and limitations. When you just show up as yourself and make yourself available to me I will always show up in you and with you as myself, the comforter the restorer, the redeemer, the healer, the deliverer. You don’t have to be all those things, I will be them in you and with you. Let me be clear. Your job most of the time is just to show up. Sometimes you’ll really want to be there but sometimes you’ll wish you were a hundred miles away, You still need to show up. You don’t have to be happy to be there or even like it, but loving it is always an option. But either way, you still need to show up. Sometimes you’ll show up and everyone will be thrilled, other times no one will be happy about it at all. You still need to show up. Sometimes you’ll feel like I didn’t show up the way you expected. Get over it, because if you were there I was there. Once in a while, you’ll show up for yourself but most of the time you’ll be showing up for me and for other people, not yourself. So just do your job, and I’ll do mine.

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Kristin Gettle
Kristin Gettle
Nov 03, 2023

This word has been SO helpful and SO lifegiving to me and has been like an instruction manual to me during one of the toughest times I can remember. Reading it, rereading it, considering it, thankful for it.

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