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Pulling out the Stops - January 1, 2021

I’m pulling out all the stops. Because I want to tell you today that I am more than able to put a stop to the things that have slowed you down and shut you down and left you feeling immobilized and unable to go any further. So I’m pulling out the stops. I'm putting a stop to the things that have been stopping you from going on. I’m putting a stop to harassment and physical, and mental and emotional turmoil that the enemy has used against you at every turn to distract you and disarm you and discourage you. I’m putting a stop to circumstantial barriers and blockades that have been put in your way to intimidate you and keep you from going where you are called to go and where you must go to fulfill your call. I’m putting a stop to self imposed limitations and lies that you have believed and unbelief and faithlessness that have left you shipwrecked on the water. I’m putting a stop to the status quo that you’ve come to believe is all that you can expect from me when there is way more that you haven’t even imagined. So I’m going to put a stop to the stops and I’m going to put a beginning to some endings and all I really want you to do is believe. Believe, you’ve got to believe. Belief is the key. I want you believe that I can do this and I want you to believe that I am doing this so that when you see it happen you’ll know it was me and you won’t waste any time getting ready to move on.

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