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Jigsaw Puzzle - June 1, 2021

If you' ve been feeling like a jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces gone, and no clue about where to even begin to put things back together, I want to tell you today that I' ve got all the peace and the all the pieces you need right at hand to help you put things back together. You may feel completely stranded in an unexpected way, or you may have just suffered a major set back that has left you feeling completely bewildered. Maybe you've just had the rug pulled out from under you by someone you trusted. Maybe you feel like the very thing that you've labored on more than anything else has betrayed you or maybe your personal failure is like a shadow that follows you around. Whatever it is you need to begin to put things back together, I have it in hand. You don't have to be afraid because I'm going to do more than just restore the picture that you were hoping and expecting to see there. I'm going to clearly show you my love and my goodness and my faithfulness in a way that is going to be so dazzling that you're going to have a hard time remembering what you were even picturing in the first place . One things for certain, I have a very clear picture of what is in your heart and what you've been longing for and I actually have all the resources in hand to accomplish it and bring it about. If you will let me, I will do it.

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