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How you got here........

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

This wild-washed shoreline of the spirit is open to you.

No matter where you've been or where you're going or where you might end up next Tuesday, right now at this sacred moment you have ended up here in this tiny obscure far-flung corner of the virtual realm. Somehow you came to be here. Even though there are a thousand other places you could be right now and a million other things you could be doing, still here you are. You can call that fate or a cosmic coincidence, or happenstance, or just really nothing at all. But I call it something else entirely. I call how you got here being guided. The truth is, where you are and how you got here are inextricably linked together because you are not some passive wayfarer who merely stumbled upon this place by chance. In truth, like the little girl chasing a very large white rabbit through the glen, or a little boy searching for the final evidence that Santa Clause never was "real", you too are looking for answers, whether you're aware of it or willing to admit it or not. Just like me and you and every other person I have ever encountered. The same questions remain in residence: What if? And who am I really? And is there more to this reality than what I can see and taste and touch? Where is God, and if there is one, who is he? Is it possible to see without seeing and hear without hearing and know with certainty what you've never known before? If any of what I'm suggesting here resonates with you, then I hope you'll hang around, and come back as you feel prompted. More than anything, I want you to know that you are welcome here no matter what you think or believe, no matter where you're going, or where you've come from. This wild-washed shoreline of the spirit is open to you. Even if you leave here a total skeptic and never return again, even then you cannot escape the company of this unseen realm and the one who graciously leads you and lovingly follows you around. The truth is, the question you now must answer is not how you got here, but where will you go from here?

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