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Hold Up - April 14, 2022

You might want to hold up if you’re feeling held up because I’m definitely holding things up and I’m also holding things ….UP. So If you’ve been wondering what’s gotten in your way, and what the hold up is, or if you’ve been trying to figure out how you’ve managed to stay afloat and haven’t drowned. That’s easy, it’s me on both counts. I’m holding some things up and I’m holding other things together. I’m holding some things up, even keeping them afloat so that I can put new things in place because I’m doing a new thing. I’m holding some things up to keep them from falling apart, and I’m holding some things up because I'm waiting for the right timing. You better believe I’m holding you up and supporting you even though some of you have been fighting with me every step of the way. I always wonder sometimes why you give my adversary so much credit for the things I’m doing, maybe it’s because you think you know my ways better than you really do. One thing's for sure I won’t let you go until it’s time to go, and I won’t let go of you ever. You’ve got my word on that. It would be really great if you could trust me enough to wait on my timing and if you’d believe in me enough to trust me even when you’re feeling totally overwhelmed. The truth is I’m not just holding you up, I’m holding everything together. Everything is in my hands, it always has been, it always will be. I’m the anchor point that no storm can touch and the crossing guard with perfect timing, and the guide who always knows the way. Since I’m holding you so well maybe you could take a chance today and hold onto me too for a change.

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