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Got Directions? - August 2, 2021

This might be a really good time to stop and ask for directions because the landscape has completely changed but many of your maps have remained the same. Some of you have been feeling completely disoriented in your own backyard because you assumed it would remain the way it's always been, but I've been lifting things up and putting things down and moving all matter of things around in ways you never would have imagined. For some of you what I'm doing is nothing short of a complete reorientation. I am resurrecting old pathways and uncovering ancient byways that have been forgotten and abandoned by those who thought they knew a better way. Some of you are about to find yourselves climbing in precarious places and some of you are definitely going to want to be holding my hand when you discover that the water is the only thing under your feet. I tell you the truth where you are and where you’re going are not any place you’ve ever been before. Don't confuse the terrain around you at the moment with what seems familiar from your past experience because your past experience is no road map for this coming season and the landscape that goes with it. If you go based on what you’ve known or think you know, you will quickly place yourself and others in jeopardy. But if you will humble yourself and behave like the alien that you are, completely in need of guidance at every turn, you will find yourself oriented in me with new clarity about how, and when, and where to go and what to do once you get there. One thing's for sure, you will never find the way on your own, but the really good news is, you don’t have to.

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