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Ending & Beginning- April 16, 2021

You say ending & I say beginning, but you can't see the one because it's overshadowed by the other. Yet I know the very beginning from the end of all things and I know the difference between the two. Some of you really are facing the end of things that you never ever imagined and never expected. But this is not the end. It's just the beginning. So why have you determined in your heart that this one single chapter of your life is the entire story or even the end of the story. I haven't given up writing, so why have you given up believing. I want to tell you today that I know the end from the beginning and I know the end of "your" story from the beginning of it. So I'm telling you today that it's time for you to turn the page. Its time to turn the page on your disappointment, and turn the page on your regret, and turn the page on your fear, and unbelief, and un-forgiveness, and hopelessness and misunderstanding, because THESE are the things that really need to end in order for other things to begin again. I'm not turning the page for you and it's not something I'm forcing you to do. But I'm asking you today to trust me enough to let go of all the things that have seemed like the end so that I can show you some new beginnings. Will you agree with me in this and turn the page to hope and turn the page to trust and turn the page to courage and turn the page to love and peace, and strength, and freedom? Just turn the page to ME! You say ending, I say beginning but you must turn the page!!

(origin 2017)

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