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Day of Doors - October 1, 2020

Today is the  day of the doors because some are opening and some are closing and it's time to reorient yourself so that you're prepared for what is about to unfold. I am revisiting a multitude of the doors that are around you and behind you and  before you. I want to tell you today  that  I've been knocking on doors that many people have said would never open,  but now these doors are about to be opened. There are doors that have been closed for what seems like forever and you've become accustomed to it,  believing that they would always  be that way,  but now I'm about to open them before you in a way that you would never believe unless you saw it with your own two eyes.  There are other doors that have been open for a long season and you've taken it for granted that they would always remain open,  but now some of these doors are  about to close, and you will not see them open again in the same way. Some of you are in danger of getting your fingers caught in a door that is closing because you aren't ready to make the changes that are necessary to allow it to close. Others of you are about to be undone by the opening of a door that has always been closed because of your relentless hope that it would one day be opened, but in truth you haven't really  been  ready for what your life would look like if it were to open. Now you're about to find out. Some of you are about to find yourselves in a completely different place, better than you ever imagined because of the doors that are being thrown open before you. For some of you what I'm doing is going to seem confusing and frustrating, because  I'm about to close some doors that you have completely given yourself to, even building your life or work  or ministry around it. Trust me, this isn't the end of anything, just a new beginning for you. These doors are closing so that others can open for you. This is the day of the doors, some are being opened and others are being closed and its going to transform things at a completely personal level. If you'll recognize what I'm doing and cooperate with what you see happening, then things are about to change in a really remarkable way.

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