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Climate Change - July 1, 2022

You’re about to see some serious climate change but not for the reasons you might expect. It's because I'm raining down and melting down and drying up and lighting up and burning up and raising up and it's going to be absolutely glorious. I want to tell you It's going to be unsettling for those of you who've been settling for less than I have for you and some of you just might get displaced if you've set up housekeeping in a place that was never my idea. Some of you are going to be on the move in ways that you have never imagined, but I did. Can you say migration?

I want you to know the rains are coming. I'm about to rain down a deluge on parched places and hearts, and relationships and situations and circumstances that have never seen my rain. Some of you are about to see a wild harvest in places where you never expected anything to grow because the planting was done long ago by me, and now the time has come for the rain to finally come. The challenge isn't going to be finding the fruit, it's going to be knowing what to do with all of it.

I want to tell you today that winter is ending. We're talking about the end of an ice age for some of you because I am melting things that have been frozen for longer than you can remember. I'm going to turn those glaciers of fear and doubt and unbelief, and regret and loss into a river of life. A torrent of my goodness and a flood of my kindness that nothing can stand against. Some of you have gotten completely comfortable wading in my river but you're about to get reacquainted with what it really means to swim with me.

I also want you to know that a drought is coming because I am drying up the reservoirs of your own strength and your own knowledge and your own wisdom and everything you've been depending on instead of me. You might hate to see it go but only until you see what's coming to replace it. Then you'll be having a party.

And finally, I want you to know that a fire is starting because I am setting a fire in this place that has been longing for the return of my glory. There's a lot of stuff that's going up in smoke but none of it was what you really needed in the first place and everything that is left behind is going to be pure gold.

Yes indeed, your climate is most definitely about to change and because of that you have the chance to change with it.

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