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Delivery Problem - November 15, 2021

It looks like you have a pretty big delivery problem on your hands because you’ve been waiting long and hard for deliverance that has not come. And you really need it bad. The real question is why are you looking for a delivery instead of expecting a deliverer? You need to consider your source. Why are you expecting deliverance from everyone but me? SO ….How long WILL you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God then follow Him, but if all these other Gods that you’ve created are acceptable to you then follow them. But just be clear. You may choose to FOLLOW anyone you like and you may find some FRIENDS there and you may even find some comfort with your own opinions, BUT, there is one thing you will never find. You will never find deliverance in that place because that resides with me alone. I am called THE deliverer because I am the only one who can deliver, and I am the only one who loves you enough to do what must be done to accomplish real deliverance on your behalf.

It’s not coming from the government, and it’s not coming from Amazon, or Facebook and it’s not coming from any place where you can beg, borrow or buy it. It’s only coming from me because I’m the only one who can do it. I’m the only one who can deliver your family, and your church and your city and your nation. Your politicians can’t deliver you, Your political parties can’t, your military can’t do it, and your doctors and scientists can’t do it either,

Fire, and flood and drought and war and famine and pestilence bow down to me alone. I send the rains and restore the land, I calm the storms, I give you peace with your enemies and I turn back every plague because I’ve got healing in my wings and freedom in my hands. Goodness follows behind me like the noon-day sun, and joy is my constant companion. My love never fails and my favor never ceases and my mercy never ends and my kindness and faithfulness are everlasting.

Stop expecting what you’ll never get from places that never had it in the first place and start looking for the deliverance you desperately need from the hand of the one who really can do it and always has. That would be me. And me alone.

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