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Christmas List - December 25, 2020

What are you really shopping for these days? Because your list is really long and getting longer but every year your expectations of getting the things you've got listed there gets lower and lower. Maybe it's time we compared lists because there are things on that list of yours that you've been wanting from me for a long time because I really am the only one that can deliver the goods. On that we can both agree. The trouble is your wish list is filled with your wishes and mine is filled with mine. So maybe it would help if we compared lists. Because they're not exactly the same. So here's what's on my wish list for you this Christmas, the short version.

I wish you would just forgive. I've been going around and around with some of you on this for a long time, the only way for you to receive what I want to give you, what you've been asking for, is by doing this, you don't have to love it or even like it but you do have to do it. Do it now I wish you would humble yourself and stop pretending that everyone else is the cause of your problems when we both know it's not true, and especially when I'm ready and willing to give you solutions that would turn things around if you would just admit that you've been in the way as much as anyone else. I wish that you would tell the truth. Just be honest for a change with me and with others and with yourself about where you really are and how you really feel and what you really need, for some of you it's the key you've been holding that will open the doors you've been longing to walk through. I wish you would give. It's not what you think. It's a different thing for each of you, but I wish you would give me the thing I've been asking you for instead of giving me what you have to spare or the thing that makes you feel the best. The point is how can you say you trust me when you won't trust me with the one thing I've been asking you for the most I wish you would believe. I know you say you do, but when push comes to shove and everything is on the line you're looking for the exit, not waiting for the cavalry. Some of you have suffered shocking losses this year and you don't even know it, just because you couldn't wait for me to show up. Finally I wish you would realize once and for all how much I love you, how much I'm for you, how much I'm with you, how much I care about you, how much I have for you, how much I want for you, and how much I want to do through you, and just how much better my list is than yours.

(origin 2019)

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