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Expect the Unexpected - November 15, 2020

Today is the day to expect the unexpected because  now is the time for you to start expecting what you’ve stopped expecting. This is the day to start expecting again the very things that you have stopped expecting and given up on altogether. Today I want  to tell you that I am in the process of returning and giving back and raising up and freeing up and turning up the very things that you have waited for and longed for and hoped for and dreamed about and really expected to come about but have not seen and have stopped expecting. So today is the day to stop expecting what you’ve been getting, and start getting what you’ve stopped expecting, and it’s time for you to start doing what you’ve given up doing. Because things have changed and are about to change. So you better answer the phone, because it’s not a telemarketer calling, there’s a prodigal on the line. You better answer the knock at the door because there’s good news waiting on your door step. And if you’ve stopped even looking at your mail you had better have another look because you may have a breakthrough sitting in your mail box. You better have a look out your window again because the landscape outside is changing and things are not the same as they’ve been since you stopped looking. So if you’ve stopped expecting what you had been expecting  with all your heart then it’s time for you to start looking again in the very places you’ve stopped expecting to see anything and you must right now again start expecting the very things that you have stopped expecting.

(origin 2017)

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